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An Online Series That Unites Scientists,
Therapists, Dancers, Bodyworkers & YOU

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With Hosts
Gay Hendricks
Founder of The Hendricks Institute
Katie Hendricks
Co-founder of the Hendricks Institute and Seminar Leader
Lamara Heartwell
Body Intelligence Expert & Founder of Santa Barbara Dance Tribe
Mark Metz
Founder and Executive Director of the DanceFirst Association, Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine
Notable Speakers:
Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.
Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, Clinical Professor at UCLA School of Medicine
Bruce Lipton
Author, Pioneer in New Biology, Cell Biologist
Anna Elin Kemble
Dance-Movement Therapist, Laban Movement Analyst, Film Producer & Musician
Robert Augustus Masters
Cofounder of Masters Center for Transformation, Psychospiritual Teacher & Guide
Melissa Michaels
Founder and Director of Golden Bridge
Dean Ornish, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF, Founder & President of Preventive Medicine Research Institute
Anne Ornish
Co-founder and Creative Director of the Ornish Spectrum, Certified Integrative Health & Spirituality Practitioner
Michael Skelton
Certified Teacher of 5Rhythms and Soul Motion, Certified Esalen Massage Practitioner
Andrea Isaacs
Creator of EnneaMotion & Somatic Focusing, President of BodyWisdomWorks
Nilima Bhat
Founder of Sampurnah, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Dancer, Author, Shakti Leadership Trainer & Coach
Debbie Rosas
Founder & CEO of the Nia Technique, Co‐creator, Author, Somatic Artist
Susan Harper
Continuum Movement Teacher, Founder of Continuum Montage, Dreamer, Storyteller
Anat Baniel
Bestselling Author, Founder of Anat Baniel Method™, Creator of NeuroMovement ®, Clinical Psychologist, Dancer, Speaker
Shakti Malan
Tantra Teacher, Author of Sexual Awakening for Woman
Jennifer Joy Jimenez
The Vibrant Woman's Joyful Health & Well-Being Coach, Mind-Body Expert, Conscious Dance Maven, Creator of TrancenDance
Jon Eisman
Founding Member of the Hakomi Institute, Sr. Hakomi Trainer, Director of Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches
Sophie Chiche
Founder of Shape House, an Urban Sweat Lodge
Mikki Willis
Filmmaker, Cinematographer and Founder of Elevate
Diana Chapman
Co-Founder of The Conscious Leadership Group, Coach, Author
Jim Dethmer
Co-Founder of The Conscious Leadership Group, Coach, Author
Laura Cirolia
Co-Founder of WOW Processing–Epigenetic MediScripts
Jo Cobbett
Creator of Fumbling Towards Ecstasy & Movinground, Trained in 5Rhythms® & Continuum Montage™
Erik Iversen
Co-Founder & Faculty Member of the 5Rhythms Teacher Training, Hellerwork Practitioner, Pedestrian Choreographer
Jena la Flamme
Author and Award-winning Expert in Pleasurable Weight Loss
Dr. Edmund Knighton
Department Chair and Professor of Education at Rudolf Steiner College, Family Therapist, Education Consultant
Annie Brook
Somatic & Perinatal Psychologist, Registered Movement Educator, Certified Body-Mind Centering Teacher
DJ Garth
DJ, Actor
DJ Mark Farina
DJ, Musician
DJ Nickodemus
DJ, Producer
Nadia Salamanca
Producer, Co-Founder of Elevate Film Festival, Elevate Foundation and Elevate Films
Valerie Chafograck
Founder of Dance Sanctuary™, Certified Soul Motion™ Facilitator

We’ve all been raised in a disembodied world – sitting at awkward desks for far too many hours, squinting at screens, learning through our brains alone – and thinking of our bodies like machines we need to fuel rather than exquisite works of art to savor.

The result? We feel lethargic, disconnected and depleted. We gain weight and develop chronic health problems. We feel tense and uninspired.

The Body Intelligence Summit is here to shift all that – helping open new vistas of vitality, creativity and joy through the journey of becoming more deeply, beautifully and deliciously embodied.

The truth is that your body holds vast intelligence and wisdom – from the precise communication system of your nervous system, to the power of your muscles, to the distributed sensitivity of your skin.

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Loving Your Body, Living Your Dreams and
Leading the Change

We are blessed to have all the magic and wonder of the universe right here in our bodies – operating mostly without our conscious awareness.

What happens, though, when you DO bring your conscious awareness to your breath, your movement, your organs and your energy? How much more powerful can you become? How much more effective? And how much more connected?

The next great frontier for us all to master is Body Intelligence. We grew up in a world that prioritized mental intelligence, and only recently learned that Emotional Intelligence is key for success in life. Now, we’re realizing that the intelligence needs to run all the way down to our very toes.

And that liberates us from all the old rigidities, discomfort and disease that come from a mechanical way of treating our bodies.

People who have mastered Body Intelligence radiate more life force, joy and vitality. They are more creative. They live longer. They are more healthy, resilient and physically skilled. They are far more able to live their dreams AND inspire positive change in others as well. As you master Body Intelligence, you become better able to create the kind of world you want to see.

Here’s a before and after chart to see what happens as you gain Body Intelligence:

Do you want to make the shift into Body Intelligence?

If so, we’re excited to bring you the world’s leading experts in this emerging field to help you make powerful changes around accessing your body’s wisdom and living more fully in the present moment.

The benefits will be profound – not only on a personal level, but professionally as well. This summit is not just for personal growth; it’s also to activate and mobilize a whole new field of inquiry and exploration for people – from doctors to dancers, bodyworkers to brain scientists.

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold nor shared without your permission.

For All Levels

Whatever your level of Body Intelligence, the speakers in The Body Intelligence Summit series will help you go to the next level, drawing from neurobiology, breathwork, dance and emerging healing modalities... to discover undiscovered potential that you’ve had available all the time. If you’re sedentary and listless, this will help put you on the path to vitality and joy. And if you’re a yoga teacher, you’ll learn far more about the intricacies of accessing and working with the body’s native intelligence.

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Body Intelligence Assessment from Katie Hendricks, Lamara Heartwell and The Hendricks Institute

Don’t you love taking those quizzes in magazines? Here’s one that can actually help you change your life for the better! Body Intelligence pioneers Katie Hendricks and Lamara Heartwell put together this quick yet deep assessment to help you learn about where you are on the BQ scale, and what your next steps might be.


Host Roundtable: A Joyous Introduction to Body Intelligence

Meet your Body Intelligence Summit hosts Lamara Heartwell, Mark Metz, Gay Hendricks and Katie Hendricks, as they have a lively discussion introducing you to Body Intelligence and why it matters in your life, family and work.

Join us so we can send you your free gifts – and we’ll let you know when the next Body Intelligence Summit starts – so you can shift your body and your life into a higher octave of vitality, joy and connection with yourself. You’ll experience benefits on not just on the physical level, but emotionally and spiritually, too.

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold nor shared without your permission.

With the Body Intelligence Summit series, you will:

  • Shift to living a body-centered life.
  • Learn to live every day more grounded, focused & present.
  • Work more productively.
  • Relate more fully to yourself, loved ones & community.
  • Have more access to your innate energy, vitality & intuition.
  • Cultivate a sense of deep nourishment.
  • Feel less tension in your body.
  • Be able to make decisions clearly & quickly.
  • Set yourself up to have a truly joyful life.

The bottom line here is that the more you honor living in your body, the more all aspects of your life will flow with ease.

With transformations like these, all dished out from the top experts in the world, there’s no way you can’t dance away from this series deeply transformed – not into someone different – but into a more connected, more alive and engaged version of yourself.

Join us to create a more powerful and healthy relationship with your body, and take your life to the next level. You deserve it... and the world needs it!

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